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Application Environment and Use Characteristics of Laminating Machine

Dec. 23, 2020

With the development of society and the progress of science and technology, the application of laminating machines has become more and more extensive. The equipment has played an advantage in industry and manufacturing, and plays an important role in these industries. Let's talk to the Laminating Machine Manufacturer to understand the application environment and characteristics of the equipment.

1.Application environment

First of all, when using the brand laminating machine, we will consider its use conditions and location. The use conditions refer to different shapes and different materials.

The use of Laminating Machine is very flexible, for example, it is divided into two types, one is cold glue coating machine, the other is hot glue coating machine; the application of cold glue coating machine is mainly reflected in volatility and water Among the glue ratio sols, it is a very popular laminating machine. In addition, it is a combined laminating machine. Its application is mainly reflected in the combined function of cold glue and hot melt, and it can be used to a certain extent. Used together, so it is called a valuable laminating machine.

2. Use characteristics

In order to meet the needs of different productions and facilitate operation, attention should be paid to personnel configuration, equipment stability and power operability during installation and commissioning.

Commissioning: Pay attention to the position of the profile and the installation and adjustment of the pinch roller. Installation: Make the profile parallel to the moving direction of the conveying wheel on the guide wheels on both sides, adjust the width and height of the guide rail and the platform to meet the coating requirements of the profile; make the force on the belt be balanced up and down. For complex lines, the small pressing rollers should be arranged naturally and cannot be formed with force, especially the application of decorative paper should be naturally smooth. For large pressing rollers, small rollers can be used to roll gradually from the center to both sides, and the small rollers should be used 3 times at a 90 degree angle.

Laminating Machine

Laminating Machine

Advantages of laminating equipment

1.Automatic paper feeder. The head of the automatic paper feeder is designed to convey thick and thin paper stably. It adopts stepless variable speed installation knife and is equipped with automatic edge grinding control to adapt to different paper feeding methods. The spotlight helps to adjust the relative position of the paper stack during the operation. The unique uninterrupted paper feeding device is equipped with an auxiliary worktable that can feed and replenish paper at the same time to ensure continuous production.

2. The powder removing device adopts a two-stage powder removing structure of sweeping powder and pressing powder. The paper passes through the conveyor belt and is swept by the brush roller and the exhaust brush, and the dust on the surface is sucked away by the suction fan. The dust sprayed on the paper surface during the printing process is effectively removed after being crushed by the electric heating pressure roller; in addition, the close arrangement design of the conveyor belt combined with air suction can prevent the paper from retreating or shifting, so that the paper can be accurately removed. Transported to the press part of the host.

3. The hard chrome composite roll of the Automatic Laminating Machinehas a built-in electric heating system and automatic temperature control device to make the temperature distribution uniform. The design of the large composite roll increases the bonding surface. The diameter of the electric heating roller is 420mm, and the inner wall of the roller core is circular, so the roller will not be biased and the heating surface is uniform. The diameter of the rubber roller is 360 mm, which can ensure the flatness and stable operation of the OPP film . The manual hydraulic cylinder controls the compound pressure and can balance the left and right pressures of the upper and lower rollers. The high-precision hard chrome mirror heating roller and the high-performance rubber roller realize the thermal lamination process.

4. The coating head is controlled by an imported frequency converter, the rubber roller is ground with high precision, and the inner wall undergoes a special rebalancing treatment, which can more effectively maintain the stability of the coating volume. The high-precision coating metering hard chrome roller ensures the uniformity of the coating amount and realizes the precise coating effect. The laminating machine is equipped with two sets of oil pumps and a stainless steel oil tank, suitable for water-based and oil-based glue. The DC motor is used to compress the coating device, which is stable, fast and easy to operate.

5. The film unwinding reel of the laminating machine is braked by magnetic powder to maintain a stable tension. The unique pneumatic film stretching device can ensure the tightness during the film pressing and lifting process, and effectively prevent film rolling failure.

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