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Daily Maintenance of Die Cutting Machine

Feb. 26, 2021

As the quality requirements of various products and materials are getting higher and higher, die-cutting machines have been widely used in many industries and fields, and are widely used in printing, medical, electronics, automotive and other industries. However, due to the lack of maintenance knowledge of the operators, the machine has many failures, which directly affects the normal operation of the production and increases the production cost. It not only disrupts the production schedule, but also has a great impact on the delivery date. In order to further improve the operating procedures of the die-cutting machine and improve the modern operation level, the Die-Cutting Machine Supplier has summarized some maintenance points and maintenance knowledge of the die-cutting machine for exchange and sharing.

Die-Cutting Machine

Die-Cutting Machine

First of all, the operator must pay attention to dust and clean.

In actual production, a large amount of waste paper edges may be generated during the die-cutting process, which may enter the chain transmission part, die-cutting part moving platform and some rotating parts, and may block the photoelectric detection head, causing malfunctions. Therefore, the cleaning of the die-cutting machine's body must be the first priority, and then the trouble-free operation of the machine can be ensured.

Secondly, the oil change of the die-cutting machine.

The main action of the Die-Cutting Machine is that the main motor drives the slide bars and pulleys, and then drives the four toggle bars to move. It can reach 6000 sheets per hour in high-speed work. It is very troublesome if there is no good lubrication and cooling. Lubrication maintenance is divided into daily warranty, weekly warranty and monthly warranty, as follows:

Daily lubrication

1.Lubricate the side gauges, gears, cam stroke bearings, pressure rods, feeder head cams and direction joints.

2. The main chain is lubricated, and the automatic lubrication device maintains the oil level and oil number.

Weekly lubrication

1.Add oil and grease to the front gauge adjustment device.

2. Add oil to the front gauge and cam, add chain oil to the gauge drive chain, and add butter to the spring.

3. Add oil to the lifting cam of the feeder part and butter to the spring.

4. Add chain oil to the drive chain of the feeder department.

5. Add oil to the upper stencil shrinking device.

6. Add oil to the tooth row.

7. Add butter to the feeding cam group

Before starting up

1.Use a wrench to manually drive the drive shaft, make the press frame reciprocate several times, and check whether there is jamming.

2. Turn on the power for trial operation, and the direction of rotation should match the operation mark.

3. Check whether the safety protection device is fastened and not loose.

4. Check whether the motor and electrical equipment are dry and the insulation is intact.

5. Fill the oil holes of each oil cup with lubricating oil, and observe whether the oil pipes and oil passages are unblocked. The guide rails of the frame should be lubricated with lubricating oil in a pressure oil pot.

I hope that the above sharing will be helpful to everyone. In addition, the company also provides a Laminating Machine. Please feel free to contact us if you need it.

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