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What Is The Die Cutting Machine? How Does It Work?

Jan. 11, 2021

The die cutting machine is a machine that cuts according to a fixed template. There are many types of die-cutting machines: Automatic Die-Cutting Machines, circular die-cutting machines, self-adhesive die-cutting machines, flat die-cutting machines, bronzing die-cutting machines, manual die-cutting machines, circular Flattening die-cutting machine, printing die-cutting machine and other die-cutting machines can be widely used in shoe making, leather goods, luggage, toys, clothing, hat industry, blister, packaging, wood industry, automobile decoration and other industries.

Die-Cutting Machines

Die-Cutting Machines

There are many types of die-cutting machines. The die-cutting industry is a new and diversified industry, covering a wide range of fields, including the electronics industry, mechanical processing industry, food industry, medical industry, packaging industry and so on. The use of electronic products and die-cutting products involved in die-cutting products: widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, MP3, MP4, copiers, digital cameras, digital cameras, notebook computers, mobile phones, automobiles, instruments, and other electronic communications, digital IT product accessories, medical equipment, etc. Die-cutting products are also very versatile. Different die-cut products have different material properties and are installed in different electronic components to play their roles. They have functions such as shockproof, insulation, conductive shielding, and adhesive stickers.

Die-Cutting Machines are also called beer machines and CNC punching machines. They are mainly used for die-cutting (full or half-broken) and pressing of corresponding non-metallic materials, stickers, EVA, double-sided tape, electronics, and mobile phone pads. Marking and bronzing operations, laminating, automatic waste removal, the die-cutting machine uses steel knives, hardware molds, steel wires (or stencils carved from steel plates), and applies a certain pressure through the embossing plate to cut the printed products or cardboard into Certain shape. It is an important equipment for post-press packaging processing.

Various precision die cutting:

1.Backlight module series: black and white double-sided tape, brightness enhancement film, diffusion film, reflective film, double-sided tape, etc.

2. Adhesive series: 3M, NITTO, SONY, TESA, Teraoka series double-sided adhesives and various single-sided adhesives.

3. Protection/buffer series: protective film, electrostatic film, EVA, PORON and other shockproof foam.

4. Insulation materials: PC, PVC, PET, FORMEX.

5. EMI shielding materials: conductive foam, conductive cloth tape, conductive copper, aluminum foil tape.

6. Various other high-precision die-cutting products.

Die-cutting and indentation technology is a comprehensive name of two processing technologies: indentation according to model and pressing and cutting according to stencil. Its principle is that within the finalized mold, the pressure applied to the printing carrier paper produces compression deformation or compression. It is fracture separation. The main parts of die-cutting and creasing equipment (referred to as die-cutting machine) are die-cutting plate table and press-cutting mechanism. The processed sheet is in between these two, finishing technical processing of die-cutting under pressure. Die-cutting and creasing plates have different types and corresponding pressure-cutting mechanisms, so that the die-cutting machine is divided into three basic types: flat flat type, round flat type and round flat type. The flat die-cutting machine can be divided into vertical type and horizontal type because of the difference in the direction and position of the plate table and platen.

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