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Correct Maintenance Method of Laminating Machine

Dec. 05, 2020

The Laminating Machine has very high requirements for accuracy, especially the surface accuracy of each roller and the degree of shopping. Once the slightest streaks, cracks, scratches, covered spots, or slight roundabout deformations appear. Will affect the processing quality of the product, and even not work properly. Therefore, it is very important to protect the machine carefully and carefully.

Protection and maintenance of the machine

1.Frequently check the oil pipes, valves and cylinder plugs of the hydraulic system for oil leakage. When oil leakage is found, the sealing ring should be replaced in time, and an appropriate amount of hydraulic oil should be filled into the hydraulic cylinder in time.

2. Frequently check whether there is rubber or grease on the rubber roller, and clean the rubber and dust on the roller in time. Ensure that the surfaces of the two rolls are clean and dark. The surface of each roller must be kept clean. After each application of the machine, be sure to clean the machine immediately.

Use glue thinner to wash and wipe each roller with a soft towel. It is strictly forbidden to scrape the surface of the roller with a sharp tool. Every time the machine is turned on, the dust on the surface of each roller should be wiped off. And check whether the surface of each roller of the machine is dark, if the machine is malfunctioning or abnormal sound, you should analyze and find the cause in time and clear it. The machine can be used only after the standby device is normal.

Automatic Laminating Machine

Automatic Laminating Machine

3. The grounding of the machine and the insulation of electrical appliances should be ensured well.

4. The blade line of the squeegee should be kept flat and elastic. When there is a roundabout, tooth gap, curling, etc., it should be trimmed and replaced in time. The manganese steel skin of 0.15~0.20 mm or the blade of the offset printing machine should be used according to the original specifications. Change the size.

5. Lubricate the transmission parts and sliding surfaces of the Automatic Laminating Machine regularly to ensure that the machine is in a good lubrication state. Especially the large bearing of the pressing roller encounters high pressure and high temperature, and the lubricating oil volatizes and loses casually. The high-temperature lubricating oil should be dwarfed in time to make it work normally under high temperature and high pressure.

6. The machine must be inspected once a year to find and solve problems in time to avoid more serious damage to the machine.

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